Leave Well Alone by A.J. Campbell


If you love a psychological thriller with a twist, you’ll love Leave Well Alone! I found it to be a slow burn thriller, but in such a good way. You won’t see the end coming!

When a book begins with, “That bone-chilling winter’s day when my brother returned home for good was when I first contemplated murdering my mother.” How can you  not dive in?

Eva  grew up in the foster care system, and when her brother tells her that he found their birth mother Eva’s world shifts. Her life cascades into a whirl of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Should she visit her mother? How will that make her feel? Should she give her mother a second chance at a relationship, even though her mother left her and her brother 18 years prior?

Most of the chapters are told in Eva’s point of view, giving the reader the feeling of anxiousness and stress as Eva’s story unfolds. She’s an adult with issues with her childhood, trying to continue law school, and mother  to a premature baby with a heart condition. Now that she’s focused on her family, and being a good mom. As her relationship with her mother evolves, Eva finds out some questionable truths about her family line.

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